We are a Swiss/French rock band founded by Victor Jaquier and Justine Marzack in 2018. Our first EP was composed by Victor, using mostly synths on a computer. Justine wrote the lyrics and recorded her vocals from her home in Essex, England. Jacques and Dave (both from the Swiss band Abraham) later joined the project to add their instrumental skills to the record (guitar, bass and acoustic drums).

The first EP was mixed during the summer 2019 by Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm. As a member of the band Cult of Luna, and as the producer of the band’s dense sound, Magnus gave a new perspective on Chyldren’s soundscape: a rich combination of post-punk, electronic sounds, with a particular vastness, topped by Justine’s ethereal vocals.

In February 2020, Chyldren made their stage debut right before the beginning of the global coronavirus crisis. On stage, the distorted guitars blend with and enhance the electronic soundscape, which Justine’s voice becomes fully part of thanks to the addition of the mi.mu gloves. The high-tech wireless controllers allow her to affect her vocals in real-time and play with sound textures. Equipped with sensors, the gloves identify postures from finger movements and track directions of the singer’s hands, transforming her body language into musical expression. It is the first time that the glove technology comes in to support a rock performance.

During the end of 2022, Chyldren were joined by Fanny Van Dijk (bass) and Maxime Pinier (drums, replacing Dave, now focusing on his main project Abraham)

Chyldren is:
Justine Marzack (vocals)
Victor Jaquier (guitar, synths)
Jacques Viredaz (guitar)
Fanny Van Dijk (bass)
Maxime Pinier (drums)

contact: Victor Jaquier – victor(at)victorjaquier.net

bandpic by Sophie Alyz