Creatures – EP – 2019

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EP credits:

Mixed and mastered by Magnus Lindberg at Redmount Studio / drums recorded by Raphaël Bovey at Blend Studio / vocals recorded by Alexis Michallek at Hideaway Studio / bass played and recorded by Blaise Brechbühl at La Sarraz / guitars and some bass recorded by Jacques Viredaz at Le Saloon Bizarre / Cover Art by Gabriel Delmas / Special thanks to Raul Bortolotti, Sophie Alyz, Sandrine Gutierrez, Urs Haldimann, Fabrizio Panini, Renzo T. Especial, Hugo Veludo, Imaginastudio

Justine Marzack (vocals)
Victor Jaquier (guitar, bass, synths, drum programming)
Jacques Viredaz (guitar, bass)
David Haldimann (drums)